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Aktif FA Konsult Sdn. Bhd.

Aktif FA Konsult Sdn. Bhd. is a firm of local professional engineers committed to the pursuit of EXCELLENCE in Engineering.

Prior to the incorporation of Aktif FA Konsult Sdn. Bhd. as a limited company, the Firm operated under the name of M/S Fung & Associates since 1988. Aktif FA Konsult Sdn. Bhd. was approved to commence practice by the Board of Engineers Malaysia on 17th October 1994.

The Company is registered as a professional engineering consulting firm with Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia.

Aktif FA Konsult Sdn. Bhd. is currently headed by three Directors namely Ir. Fung Yin Khun, Ir. Alfred Lee Teck Kiong and Ir. Wah Kheng How. In 2014, Ir. Mohd Arzahri Abd Rahman was appointed as the Associate Director of the firm.

The key personnel of Aktif FA Konsult Sdn Bhd have extensive experience in the investigation, feasibility study, design and management of large civil and structural engineering and building works. Ir. Fung and Ir. Lee have worked both in public sector, private sector and then in private consultancy practice. They enjoy the support and maintain a cordial working relationship with the various client departments in Sabah.

It is the firm’s policy that the design team for each project be specially selected from Aktif FA Konsult Sdn. Bhd. pool of professionals with the necessary experience and expertise, well positioned to meet the specific requirements of the individual elements of the project. As the organization culture advocates HIGHLY RELIABLE PROFESSIONAL QUALITY AND TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE with a STRONG DELIVERY SYSTEM, they are confident that they can ensure projects of their successful and timely completion.

As a local firm, Aktif FA Konsult Sdn Bhd is sensitive to the needs of the local environment and the local experience has enabled them to be very much aware that normal standard solutions are not necessarily applicable to Sabah. They have, therefore geared themselves to the application of APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY and LEAST COST SOLUTIONS in line with the corporate objective of pursuing a COST LEADERSHIP STRATEGY.

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