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ARCHDOME Consulting Engineers are proud to be one of the significant architectural firms in the country, who is trying to translate design principles into reality. ARCHDOME Consulting Engineers are aware of the responsibility of understanding the message received from tradition as a universal meaning, solve this message, reserve it and promote it as a knowledge of cultural spirit beared by architectural form in order to send it to next generations and future, as a part of an endless time continuity between past with its great inheritance, present with its modernity & advanced technology and future with its open horizons.

ARCHDOME Consulting Engineers are bringing ARCHDOME Consulting Engineers ideas to presence through developing ARCHDOME Consulting Engineers own way of thinking in dealing with the architectural forms and the ways in which people will deal and interpret the meaning behind, ARCHDOME Consulting Engineers are not aiming to farce or control the viewer’s power of understanding towards the potentiality of architectural form as meaning bearer but to guide this power. The debate ARCHDOME Consulting Engineers are intending to create is between the architectural form as meaningful creature and the viewer as interpreter at a certain point along the whole time continuity.

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P.O Box 18, P. Code 327

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