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Enppi petroleum company

Enppi  petroleum company

Enppi petroleum company signifies a legacy of engineering expertise and proficiency that was built over decades of hands-on practice and learning. The company is renowned as an international, leading provider of fully integrated engineering, procurement, construction supervision and project management services for the petroleum, petrochemicals, power and other industries. Enppi is globally recognized as a major engineering, EPC main contractor, and management contractor, with decades of experience in onshore and offshore projects in the oil and gas, refining and petrochemical industries.

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I1A Ahmed El-Zomor Street, 8thDistrict, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.

Enppi petroleum company Main services

Gas Production & Processing

ENPPI has successfully executed more than 250 major gas production and processing projects that stretch across the entire globe.

Petrochemicals and Chemicals

ENPPI plays an integral role in the petrochemicals and chemicals industry, proving to be a reliable partner in this fundamental sector.

Oil Production & Refining

 ENPPI has handled many oil production and refining projects across all processes, from crude distillation and hydro-cracking to hydro-treating and isomerization.


Pipeline engineering is one of the most important sectors in the oil and gas industry, and requires precise and experienced management across all stages. Over the years, the ENPPI team of engineers has acquired the high skills and expertise needed for the successful execution of the most challenging pipeline projects.

Offshore Facilities

Offshore facilities must be designed and built to withstand the harsh environments in which they exist. These constructions require unrivalled expertise to build and maintain, and since the 1980s, Enppi has acquired and added to this expertise and applied it successfully in more than 80 projects across the globe

Utilities and Off-sites

ENPPI has decades of experience in the energy industry and has designed and executed numerous utility and off-site projects through the years. The company’s engineers have successfully undertaken and completed projects across all stages, including design, solutions, providing equipment, piping, instrumentation, installation and civil work.

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