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OYAK Cement, consisting of 5 public cement companies and vertically integrated concrete and paper bag companies, operates in the 7 geographical regions of Turkey.

Head office location :

Çukurambar Mahallesi 1480. Sokak No: 2A/55 Çankaya-Ankara / TÜRKİYE.

official Website address

 oyak cement main products

  • Portland Cement
  • White Portland Cement
  • White Portland Limestone Cement
Ready-Mix Concrete
  • Skybet
    • Designed for use in multi-floor office and residence structures.
  • Elastic Concrete
    • For use in narrow-sectioned areas with low cost of labor, intense reinforcement, and high construction speed.
  • Chipbet
    • Concrete, the properties of which can be monitored electronically (thermal development, workability, etc.).
  • Durabet
    • Concrete designed for areas requiring high durability (freezing- thawing, wear, sulphate resistance, etc.)
  • Repabet
    • Repair concrete gaining strength quickly. Designed for use in repair of roads, aprons and industrial flooring.
Paper and Kraft Bag
  • OYKA performs activity in fields of paper and paper bag. Having acquired SEKA Caycuma Plant in 2003, the company is the only integrated enterprise of the related industry in Turkey.
  • Having a kraft paper production capacity of 100.000 tons / year and a paper bag production capacity of 220 million pcs / year, OYKA performs production at two mills in Caycuma and export to many countries of the world, and produces standard kraft paper, semi-extensible sack kraft paper, packaging paper, kraftliner, kraft paper up to 4 plies and 8 colors and bags with an outer surface in white color and polyethylene in middle layers.

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