PACHIN paints

Paints and Chemical Industries was founded in 1958
PACHIN has a strategic alliance with the prominent AkzoNobel-the world’s leader in the paints industry.

Developing a strong relation with PACHIN customers and suppliers based on PACHIN right technology, right cost and high quality level in clearly defined market segment.

Being a leading manufacturing / distributing company which supports the community through developing a skilled & professional team for a JOB PACHIN ARE PROUD OF.

PACHIN strategic plan aims to move PACHIN from being the local market leader into a major regional player in MENA & COMESA area. Achieving L.E. 848 m of EBIT over the five years (2013-2018)

Head office location:

1, Elmassanie Street, Elamiriya, P.O. Box 11887, Cairo, Egypt.

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