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Yulon Motor

When Taiwan was still in the slow development of agricultural society in 1942, The Yulon Motor founder Mr. Yen Ching-ling, holding an engineering degree from Technical University of Berlin in German, already embraced the strong sense of mission in “Motor Capacity.” Under the barren environment that was scarce in all conditions such as talents, technologies, funds, and the market, Mr. Yen defied all hardship and difficulties to expedite the development of Taiwan’s automobile industry.

In agriculture-based economy system, where there was not even any demand for automobiles in Taiwan and the situation was difficulty. However Founder Yen never gave up. In the period of nearly 30 years under his leadership, Yulon Motor pioneered in the capital and technology intense automobile industry as a forerunner and subsequently experienced severe loss for 9 years in a row. Nonetheless Yulon Motor still managed to produce the first jeep through a successful attempt during this period. Yulon Motor also signed cooperative contracts with peer industries from U.S. and Japan, which not only became the first overseas authorized company to from NISSAN to produce automobiles but produces various automobile components to eventually improve the self-manufacturing rate of Taiwan automobiles.

Beginning of 1971, the 100,000-th automobile produced by Yulon Motor just rolled off the assembly line and Founder Yen was busy in establishing the foundation for the center-satellite system of automobile industry. Founder Yen purchased the 350-hectare land in Sanyi Township, Miaoli County in attempt to centralize the production of all satellite factories in order to boost the efficiency. The arduous process of Taiwan’s automobile industry from scratch to development has aspired Founder Yen with extraordinary perseverance and boldness but also depleting his mentality and physical strength meanwhile. Unfortunately Founder Yen broke down from constant work and passed away when the factory project in Sanyi was halfway built.

The New York Times reported him in the follows: “Mr. Yen Ching-ling founded the automobile industry under the impossible and unbelievable conditions and criteria. He has assembled wheels to the free Republic of China, Taiwan.” This new report not only serves as the most representative description of founder Yen but also in fact the best reflection of Yulon’s corporate life course.

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No. 39-1, Bogongkeng, Xihu Village, Sanyi Town, Miaoli County

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