3f filippi spa

3f filippi spa

3F Filippi spa has been working in the lighting industry since 1952, with extensive experience in designing and manufacturing technical and efficient lighting systems. Its products are fully designed and manufactured exclusively in its plants in Pian di Macina, in the Bologna district, and proudly carry “Made in Italy” to more than fifty countries, through its sales network.

3F Filippi is ISO 9001-certified also for lighting design and works alongside the best lighting designers to provide its customers with a quality of light in line with the latest regulations, assuring performance results especially in the industrial, commercial and service sectors, providing customized solutions.

3f filippi spa Head office location 

Via del Savena 28, Z.I. Piastrella 40065 Pian di Macina, Pianoro (Bologna), Italy

official Website address :


main products :

  •  Surface luminaires and suspensions
  • Recessed luminaires
  • Systems and track-mounted products

3F Filippi and Targetti, two brands that have shaped the history of lighting in Italy, are now embarking on a new venture with an ambitious common goal:to be the sole partner for lighting professionals and designers looking for quality solutions for all their project requirements. By combining their respective expertise in technical and architectural lighting the two brands together provide a broader portfolio of products that proudly take Made in Italy technology to more than 50 countries worldwide. Two reputations for excellence, two stories of consolidated and complimentary experience, a synergy for a bright future.

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