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Akbaş Kablo

Akbas Kablo one of the leading electrical wires, cables manufacturing and exporting company with it’s experience of 20 years, who was established to 3000 mt square area in Istanbul Topkapi at 2003.

Akbas Kablo fastidiously manufactured , exported of customer orders, manufacturing goods according to international standards, testing reliability of isolation, current energy carriying capacity of products in Akbaş Kablo lab, deliver products on the required times of customers, finally become a demand brand with it’s grown in domestic and abroad market at short time.

It achived customers regards, customers increased them buying capacity,and it needed to be invested than added new machines, built new factory to 10.000 metre square area in Hayrabolu Organised Industrial Zone. Increased its manufacturing capacity and products assortment.

We are exporting Akbaş Kablo goods Middle East countries, African countries, and to other europian countries and we haven’t got just Akbaş Kablo trade bridge between Akbaş Kablo customers, we have also got permanent friendship with Akbaş Kablo customers in these countries.

Head office location:

Hayrabolu Org. San. Bölgesi 582 Ada 2-3 parsel Hayrabolu / TEKIRDAG / TURKEY

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