al jouf cement company

al jouf cement company

al jouf cement company Is a public joint stock company, . The company engages mainly in the production of Portland cement, regular and Sulphate resistant, where Al Jouf Cement Company owns the most modern factories that were established in the west northern of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia located close to the Saudi Jordanian and Iraqi borders in accordance with the Saudi standard specifications and in conformity with the American and European specifications.

Company information:

al jouf cement company main products :

Type I/ Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

Applications / mixes ordinary reinforced concrete, which do not require special types of cement) that need to withstand high strength

Type II/ Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC)

This type of cement is different from the rest of the other types,to distinguish low aluminate content tri-calcium aluminate ratio which is responsible for interaction with the Sulphate ions in the soil or water which prevents volume increasing of concrete and the occurrence of cracks in areas where the soil contains a high proportion of Sulphate.

Type III / Pozzolana Portland Cement(PPC)

This type of cement distinct because of its specifications differ from other types of cement is made up of (70% -80%) Portland cement plus (15-20%) Pozzolana a black (volcanic) materials hundred percent natural silicon and aluminum, taken from volcanic mountains not directly exposed to any interactions or chemical additives therefore advised to use where there is any damage or disadvantages of the various uses and which gives itselfa great value advanced (ASTMC618-73).

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