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Al Manarah Engineering Consultancy.

Al Manarah is one of the most experienced engineering consultants, presently operating in Oman. It has sustained itself over the last few years as an innovative leader in the field. This premise is based on a wide range of projects in which Al Manarah has had a major determinant role.
Al Manarah was established in 1992, by engineer Ahmed Al Barami as a private engineering office. Due to the increased load of work, Al Manarah has had to accommodate several bases. The expansion made it necessary to increase the professional staff, while re-arranging the line hierarchy of the organizational chart to retain the relative independence and ease of action extended to projects’ team.

Al Manarah has developed, through its project affiliations with several highly reputable firms in worldwide. These affiliations, in addition to providing valuable working relationships, have provided Al Manarah with the opportunity to witness and acquire the latest equipment and techniques practiced internationally.

Al Manarah largest clients have been traditionally local government ministries, like Office of the Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar, and Ministry of Communications. However, Al Manarah has also had many undertakings from the private sector as well as projects sponsored by international organizations.

The scope of work or objectives of Al Manarah, have been to provide comprehensive, quality work, guaranteed by a professional attitude within acceptable margins. Since Al Manarah activities have been employed to a greater extent in Oman, due to the firm’s nature and location, Al Manarah has adopted a doctrine of participation in projects geared to provide solutions to acute and sensitive developmental problems, which will yield benefits to a cross section of the population and enhance progress.
Al Manarah offers services in multi-disciplinary tasks in the fields of engineering, design, construction management, and supervision. The firm’s integrated studies span the range of construction related activities.

Head office location:

P.O.Box. 2966, Salalah, PC 211. Airport Street opposite Dhofar Municipality Sultanate of Oman

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