Babcock Valves

Babcock Valves

Babcock Valves company is a leading manufacturer of valves for many different services and applications.

Babcock Valves are internationally recognized for highly-qualified work-force, which strives constantly for improvement and maintains a spirit of service, to suit customers’ needs.

Head office location:

P.E. Abra Industrial, Parcela 1.5.6 – 48530 Ortuella (Bizkaia) Spain

official Website address

Babcock Valves Main Product

Gate Valves
  • Wedge Gate
  • Double Disc Gate
  • Parallel Slide Gate
  • Through Conduit Gate
Globe Valves
  • Straight Globe
  • Y-Globe
  • Angle Globe
  • Y-Angle Globe
Check Valves
  • Swing Check
  • Tilting Disc
  • Piston Check
  • Y-Piston
  • Dual Plate
  • Quick Closing
Stop-Check Globe Valves
  • Straight Pattern
  • Angle Pattern
  • Y-Pattern
  • Y-Angle Pattern
Butterfly Valves
  • Concentric
  • Double Eccentric
  • Triple Eccentric
Ball Valves
  • Floating
  • Trunnion Bolted Body
  • Trunnion Fully Welded
  • Top Entry
Special Valves
  • Parallel Slide Gate
  • Double Disc Gate
  • Quick Closing Non Return
  • Hydrotest
  • Blowing Device
  • Bellows seal
  • Continuous Blow Down
  • Intermittent blow down

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