180 years of history strongly built through the human factor and a leading principle: to go beyond the concept of the product (the company that manufactures and sells), positioning itself as a company that develops its strategies through research, innovation, production, distribution, care and attention to the environment.

The Genoa-based company belongs to a very few companies in Italy that can retrace with the memory almost two centuries of its history: founded in 1831 with the acquisition of a small factory that made white lead powder, BOERO find the Boero family, whose entrepreneurial spirit, together with the introduction of strategic and innovative technologies, let to reach a rapid development in the field of paints for building already at the beginning of ‘900.

Today Boero Bartolomeo S.p.A. states with a leading position within the colorful market of paint products in three strategic areas: Architecture & Decorative, Yachting and Marine. This primacy is synonymous of success, resulting from a great tradition that blends into a new culture of colour.

Head office location:

Boero Bartolomeo S.p.A Via G. Macaggi, 19 – 16121 Genova – Italy Tel. +39 010 5500.1 – Fax +39 010 5500.300

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