C.A.T. Group

C.A.T. Group offer integrated solutions in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Facilities Management under various contracting schemes developed to suit C.A.T. Group Client’s best interests.

C.A.T. Group Project Management competencies and skills emanate from a family of professionals that caters to an array of disciplines (Pipeline, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation to Civil and Roads).

The C.A.T. Group has played a significant and proud role in the history of 20th Century contracting. Established in 1937, the Contracting And Trading (C.A.T.) Company is considered one of construction pioneers in the region of the Middle East since the oil discovery era. The Company witnessed an unparalleled track record of achievements driven by an exponential growth and a great legacy of projects and developments that impacted various communities from the African Continent till Central Asia.

After the death of the founders, the partners strategically established in 1993 an international corporate structure. C.A.T. Holding S.A. was registered in Luxembourg and took oversight of all contracting activities.

Today, a family of 12,000 qualified professionals, is at the backbone of the Group’s success and remains its most important capital. Equipped with a fully owned fleet of more than 4750 piece of equipment and machinery, the Group is able to execute and control projects in practically any part of the world.

With a steady growth and sound financial management, C.A.T.’s sales have reached around 1 Billion USD making it a strong and reliable partner with a great sense of integrity and responsibility towards its clients, the communities it operates in and other stakeholders.

Head office location:

C.A.T. Bldg., Al Arz Street Saifi Quarter P.O. Box 11-1036 Beirut 1107 2070

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