cementra jordan

cementra jordan

Cementra is one of the key manufacturers and suppliers of high quality cement and clinker in Jordan and the Region. The company forms a vital platform in the industry; and it was originally founded to meet the growing demand for cement in the Jordanian market following the development boom that accompanied the construction industry in various areas across the Kingdom. Having supplied a number of construction projects in the country, Cementra proved to be the industry leader in terms of quality, profitability and efficiency.

Company information:

cementra jordan main products :

Bag Cement
  • Portland-Pozzolana Cement 
    • Conforms to :
      • Jordanian Standards (JS 30 -1 : 2016)
      • European Norms (EN 197-1 : 2011)
  • Sulfate Resisting Portland Cement
    • Used in areas with high concentration of sulfates.
    • Used in dams, wells, and petrol stations.
    • Used in sewages (Pipes and holes).
  • Ordinary Portland Cement
  • Portland-Pozzolana Cement  (JS 30-1)
  • Ordinary Portland Cement CEM I 52,5 R (JS 30 -1)
Bulk Cement

Cementra provides all of its product types in the bulk cement category according to the highest specifications and standards, while providing the best level of services to its customers in the ready-mix concrete, Precast concrete in addition to contractors with ready-mix integration


  • All reinforced concrete applications
  • Construction projects foundations
  • Walls & columns
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • High performance concrete

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