Chunlan Group

As one of the largest enterprise groups in China, Chunlan(Group) corporation is a diversified, high-tech and internationalized modern company in manufacturing, research, investment and trade areas. Chunlan Group has administered dozens of independent subsidiaries both at home and abroad. It is one of the largest enterprise groups in China.

Chunlan Group “Global Open Platform” is based on Chunlan Research Institute, Chunlan College, the Post-doctoral Work Station and the National technology development center. It is the important base which Chunlan sets global wisdom for researching the world frontier science and technology.

Chunlan industries cover manufacturing, air conditioner, energy industry, real estate, service industry, trade industry and investment. The main products include residential air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, compressors, high-energy power battery, power system, mechanical engineering products, residential and commercial real estate.

As a “technology leader” enterprise, Chunlan Group undertakes many national scientific research projects, not only leading the R&D of the energy saving, environment friendly, intelligent and healthy home appliances in domestic market, but also promoting the development of China’s new energy industry. The high power batteries, which are widely used in hybrid cars, high-speed locomotives, intelligent robots, large ships and other fields, have been listed in the national major science and technology. The “Key Technology of Energy Saving for Hybrid Bus” won the National Technology Progress Award. China first stored energy power plant product and solar system which used Chunlan power battery was successfully run in Shanghai. The leading edge technology products——Chunlan fuel cell, human genome repair and height and depth radio wireless communication devices have accessed to the phasic breakthrough.

Head office location:

Taizhou, Jiangsu, China

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