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Dedicated, stable, dynamic and absolutely reliable – at Consistent Engineering Consultants, that is exactly how Consistent Engineering Consultants pride ourselves. Focus, quality, commitment, and a strong connect with customer requirements form the basis of Consistent Engineering Consultants every interaction, enriching millions of lives across nations and communities.

Since 2007, Consistent Engineering Consultants have been providing end-to-end assistance in building design services – integrated solutions that involve aspects of designing, installing, commissioning, maintaining, guaranteeing, and more. From initial planning to feasibility analysis to lifetime facility management, Consistent Engineering Consultants global multidisciplinary consultancy nurtures your precious aspirations to towering new heights.

Most importantly, for each service that CEC offers, Consistent Engineering Consultants promise to be responsibly future-bound. Consistent Engineering Consultants professional ethic stands on a solid foundation of optimum energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and total compliance with accredited green certifications in all projects. CEC plays a key role in bringing sustainability to the planet, respecting its prime position in the holistic evolution of Consistent Engineering Consultants sector. Consistent Engineering Consultants products bring convenience to consumers, along with aesthetic satisfaction and total environmental accountability.

With secure client relationships and impeccable services, CEC is built on an unmistakable value system – one that respects business ethics that conform to Consistent Engineering Consultants associates’ needs, while adhering robustly to best practices across industries. Fulfilling even the most niche requirements is the biggest key to Consistent Engineering Consultants professional satisfaction and steady progress. Consistent Engineering Consultants embody consistency by recognizing Consistent Engineering Consultants partners’ trust – delivering carefully customized solutions on time, with unmitigated quality.

Over the years, CEC has brought together motivated professionals from diverse engineering and auxiliary disciplines;their complementary skills today see them integrating into a high-calibre team of in-house specialists based out of not just Dubai but Mumbai as well.

With regular trainings on interpreting industry needs and innovating constantly, the team’s sole aim is to devise (and ensure) sustainable, well-planned projects. Blending technical knowledge and exemplary creativity, CEC transforms the budding potential of building engineering solutions into a formidable reality.

Based out of Dubai and now Mumbai, Consistent Engineering Consultants work over the years, across countries – with some of the most prestigious residential towers and commercial buildings, complexes, hotel apartments and high-end shopping malls – establishes Consistent Engineering Consultants reputation of expertise.

CEC transforms projects into renewable and breathtaking creations, advancing your superior vision into the ideal.

Head office location:

P.O. Box: 125786, M-03, Al Tawhidi Bldg, Bank Street, Dubai, U.A.E

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