Doeka Feuerloeschgeraetebau GmbH

Doeka Feuerloeschgeraetebau GmbH develop and produce in Germany portable and wheeled fire extinguishers with all usual extinguishing media .

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Head office location:

Antonius-Raab-Straße 16-18
D-34123 Kassel

Doeka Feuerloeschgeraetebau GmbH Products

  • Dry powder extinguishers Universal
  • Foam extinguishers Versatile
  • Water extinguishers Fire class A
  • Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers No residues
  • Fat fire extinguishers For gastronomy and home use
  • Mobile fire extinguishers Up to 50 kg
  • Special fire extinguishers For special applications
  • S-CAFSProfi line

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