DVD Valves

DVD Valves

DVD Valves produces a wide range of liquid flow management products

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DVD Valves Main Products

Gate Valves 
  • DVD Gate Valves provide drip tight sealing once they are closed.
  • When one opens the valve, it will provide an undisturbed water flow. 
  • Gate Valves are not recommended to be used for regulation purposes.
 Butterfly Valves
  • DVD Butterfly Valves provide drip tight sealing once they are closed.
  • When one opens the valve, the disc rotates to a horizontal position, thereby negligibility affecting the water flow.
  • DVD Butterfly Valves are not recommended to be used for regulation or throttling.
Check Valves
  • DVD Check Valves are designed to prevent backflow in the system in case of a power failure or a change in the flow characteristics.
  • Due to DVD Check Valve sealing system, in backflow, drip tight closure is guaranteed.
  • Moreover, in normal flow direction, disturbance of flow is very limited due to the disc geometry.
Air Valves 
  • DVD Air Valves are used to prevent pipeline bursts, as a result of air intake/discharge failure in pipelines.
  • These valves consist of a body which holds floats that are positioned at a predetermined height. Floats are guided vertically and moves when there is a change in the elevation of water
  • DVD Strainers are designed to collect any form of unwanted material in the system.
  • Strainers are installed to the inflow of pumps, flowmeters, control valves or regulation devices to protect them from debris.
dismantling pieces
  • DVD Dismantling Joints allow easy installation and removal of valves from the system during maintenance.
  • By using the bolts on the product, the user can create a work space in the longitudinal direction and can work easily on the valve that is connected after the dismantling joint.
Irrigation hydrants
  • DVD Irrigation hydrants are used as a farmers’ outlet, to connect the closed pressurized pipeline network to drip or sprinkler irrigation systems.
  • Irrigation Hydrants are designed to get connection from the piping, to regulate pressure, to limit flow and to meter consumption.
 Fire Hydrants 
  • DVD Fire Hydrants enable quick reaction to fire by supplying water to the officials in high risk areas such as factories, warehouses, living complexes, forests and industrial plants.
Balancing Valves 
  • DVD Balancing Valves are used in HVAC applications for flow regulation.
  • Cartridge type Dynamic Balancing Valves provide constant flow rate at a predefined pressure range, thereby providing equal heating or cooling opportunity for various users.
  • DVD Watermeters with MID Certification are used in waterworks or irrigation networks to meter the consumption of the users.
  • Ultrasonic Watermeters
  • Pre-Paid Watermeters

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