EGYLUM Engineering Services

EGYLUM is a small family business owned company, which was established by the end of May 2011 under the determination, thoroughness & diligence of Mrs. K. Taman (Owner) & her husband Engr. Khaled Abdeen (General Manager).

EGYLUM name is an indication to the establishers country of origin, which is EGYPT-The Pyramids Builders- and the material which EGYLUM Engineering Services are dealing with mainly, is the aLUMminum.

EGYLUM has been created to lay & put down between your hands the cream of the drop of the last 20 years experience for its management in the field of Design, Fabrication & Installation of Aluminum & Glazing works.

EGYLUM will be your Main partner and will perform as your own design office to provide you full support regarding the Design & Engineering of Aluminum & Glazing Works, which emphasizes the latest in the field of modern architect.

EGYLUM company is managed by a long term experienced professional that is well known to almost all of the Aluminum manufacturers in the middle east, especially Gulf countries. Please, for more information, refer to his business cards gallery on last page.

EGYLUM pre-qualifications are reflected, inspired and covered by the background of its management throughout his involvement in all projects as shown here through the past 20 year of dedication and hard work.

EGYLUM philosophy core is to achieve the indented SUCCESS and GROWTH in order to provide EGYLUM Engineering Services clients the INNOVATION through the favorite business relationship as PARTNERSHIP.

Head office location:

54 Amman St, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

official Website address

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