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Emsa Generator

Emsa Generator

EMSA is one of the biggest generator company in Turkey. In 1977 EMSA became the first company in Turkey to produce in commercial alternators to meet the growing demand for a reliable uninterrupted power source and became Turkey’s biggest company that produce alternators.

Head office location:

Meclis Mahallesi, Teraziler Caddesi, No:37 Sancaktepe – Istanbul

official Website address

Emsa Generator Main Products

Diesel Generators
  • 50hz Diesel Gensets
  • 60hz Diesel Gensets
Mobile Generators

Mobile generators are generally manufactured to be used in the places without electrical energy and mounted on the single or double shafted trailer.

Light Tower
  • Canopy with 2000-hour salt spray test
  • Standard automatic 340° light rotating system
  • 80 km speed wind durability
  • 6 or 4x1000watt metal halide lamp option
Synchronization Systems

It is simultaneously matching to the same frequency and voltage values of a different source (such as grid or generator) by changing the frequency and voltage values of a generator set.

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