Enko Elektronik Kontrol Sistemleri

Enko Elektronik Kontrol Sistemleri designs and manufactures a range of controllers for various generator applications from AMFs to engine starters, AVRs to auto transfer switches and battery chargers.

Company information:

Enko Elektronik Kontrol Sistemleri Products

  • Gen-Set
    • Automatic Mains Failure Units – AMF Series
    • Manual Start Units – MSU Series
    • Battery Charger Units – EBC Series
    • Automatic Transfer Switch Units – ATS Series
    • Engine Start Units – ESR Series
    • Other Gen-Set Equipments
    • Accessories
    • PowerCloud – SCADA Software
  • Air Compressor
    • Air Compressor Control Units – CCS Series
    • Multiple Air Compressor Control Units – MCC Series
  • White Goods
    • Touch Control Hob and Oven Electronics
    • Oven Timers

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