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FIRAS Engineering Consultancy was founded in 1996 in the city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates to carry out the design and supervision of its own projects and follow-up in the proper form.

FIRAS Engg. Consultancy have been commissioned to undertake a wide range of projects, ranging from small villas to large scale residential complexes and a variety of services. FIRAS Engg. Consultancy goal is to produce detailed design-oriented works on a variety of projects and of course, FIRAS Engg. Consultancy main goals is to provide added value to all FIRAS Engg. Consultancy clients, as FIRAS Engg. Consultancy architectural vision lends itself to be both distinctive and successful.

Firas Engineering Consultancy
There are numerous philosophies for creating design approach; FIRAS Engg. Consultancy architects’ philosophy has the tendency to create a combination of harmonious elements shaped in seamlessly. They create upscale residential projects and luxury villas with innovative designs that are rich with elegancy. FIRAS Engg. Consultancy design approaches reflects the material and culture, which is the physical evidence of FIRAS Engg. Consultancy beloved country’s attribution, in past and present. FIRAS Engg. Consultancy designs do not conflict with FIRAS Engg. Consultancy culture or with the environmental concerns. These designs are characterized by advanced modern facilities, surrounded by stunning natural scenery and also carefully designed to suit all the family members and their different needs.

All Architectural projects that are either implemented or under construction are characterized by its well-designed interior spaces, its magnificent exterior, the high-quality finishes and equipment used in construction. Furthermore, FIRAS Engg. Consultancy take into account the requirements of the owners, who seek specificity and uniqueness, which further elevates the standards in the development of Architectural project.

FIRAS ENGINEERING has a philosophy that attracts its customers as they are of paramount importance and the sole purpose of FIRAS Engg. Consultancy business is their satisfaction. The confidentiality of FIRAS Engg. Consultancy clients is respected at all times. The company determines to continue formulating a reputation where affiliating clients are sure to benefit.

FIRAS ENGINEERING has established a strong management structure to ensure that the clients or customers’ requirements are met. All jobs, however small or big have, ensues with a written contract to guide both the company and the clients on their rights and roles in the project. FIRAS Engg. Consultancy services have a quality management skill, where every client FIRAS Engg. Consultancy have worked with believes beyond doubt that FIRAS ENGINEERING has a strong commitment to appoint highly skilled personnel to keep the management updated.

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Emirates NBD Building M2 –Office 204

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