Fiwarec Valves & Regulators GmbH & Co. KG

FiWaRec Valves & Regulators GmbH & Co. KG is specialised in valves, regulators and special detectors for automatic fire suppression systems. All FiWaRec® products are designed and manufactured in Germany – highest standards of German Engineering from professionals for professionals. Cylinder Valve DN 12 (CO2, 200bar and 300bar); Constant Pressure Regulator; Cylinder Valve DN33, DN42, DN 50; High Pressure Valve IHP; High Pressure Valve DHP; Low Pressure Valve ILP; Low Pressure Valve DLP; Solenoir Valves and accessories.

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Europa-Allee 12
,Foehren,D-54343; Germany


  • FiWaGuard products
  • Stationary extinguishing systems
  • Water dispensers
  • Medical technology

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