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For 160 years, Hutchinson has been designing and manufacturing high-performance products, essential to the comfort and safety of everyone on the ground, in the air and at sea. When it comes to airtightness, vibration, heat and acoustic isolation, fluid transfer and transmission, the Group’s vocation is highly technological. At the same time, Hutchinson improves the quality of everyday life for consumers. Hutchinson bénéficie d’une implantation mondiale. Ses centres de Recherche & Développement ainsi que de production couvrent l’Europe, l’Amérique du Nord et du Sud ainsi que l’Asie.

The Group keeps a constant eye of industrial trends, takes them on-board, then anticipates and interprets them to continually offer new reliable, innovative technical solutions. So that it can provide optimal support for its customers and partners, Hutchinson draws on the enthusiasm and professionalism of its staff to push back the boundaries of possibility. Hutchinson is now the World Leader in elastomer processing and make its skills (acquired in more than 150 years of R&D) available to performance, security and comfort, for air, land and sea transports.

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