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Under Hyundai Motor Group’s corporate philosophy, core values and vision, Under Hyundai Motor Group are committed to achieving sustainable growth and fulfilling our economic and social responsibility as a global corporate citizen.

An unlimited sense of responsibility for our customers’ safety and happiness is manifested in quality management, and extends to the ideal of creating greater value for society at large.

Not complacent about our achievements, Under Hyundai Motor Group constantly pursue new goals.
The risk of failure is no deterrent as Under Hyundai Motor Group seek new challenges on the way to creating a brighter future.

‘Together for a better future’ is our vision, representing Hyundai Motor Group’s firm commitment to the highest customer satisfaction, as well as qualitative growth. Our resource circulating business structure generates synergy among business sectors – especially automobiles, steel and construction – and creates new value by bringing innovation to customers’ lives in diverse ways. With respect for people and the environment, Hyundai Motor Group will pursue further growth in a way befitting a world leading enterprise.

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