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icatch inc

iCATCH Inc. is established in 2005 as a 14 years old company with a mission to develop the most advanced security surveillance products. Since its inception, iCATCH has devoted its resource to developing the cornerstone product, the Digital Video Recorder (DVR), product line. We commit to bring unceasingly surprise for the global market. iCATCH continuously devote DVR (Digital Video Recorder technology) development and promotion with Unique technology, leading specification and a completed series of perfect surveillance. The security industry has a great improvement and progress due to icatch inc products.

Head office location :

 Neihu District, Taiwan, Taiwan

official Website address

main products :

  • DUHD Hybrid DVR
  • All in 1 Hybrid DVR
  • 7 in 1 Hybrid DVR
  • Smart Surveillance DVR
IP Series
  • IP Camera
  • Access Control System
  • Historical products
  • Distributor
  • Smart Surveillance

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