With the 100th anniversary of KANSAI PAINT founding in 2018, KANSAI PAINT formulated a new group corporate philosophy and group brand, and KANSAI PAINT have started for the next 100 years.

 Paint, which is the core business of KANSAI PAINT Group, is applied to various items surrounding KANSAI PAINT daily lives, protects the materials to make them last longer, adds value with beautiful colors and designs, and imparts special functions to make them more convenient and useful. There is a universal demand for roles such as creating comfort, safety and security and as a result, the paint industry is expected to further expand as a growing industry due to an increase in the new middle class population on a global basis, accompanying housing and infrastructure equipment, progress in industrialization, and motorization.

 On the other hand, the environment surrounding us has entered into a time of great change with a very rapid pace. With these changes, KANSAI PAINT are expected to see needs and ideas that go beyond KANSAI PAINT conventional sense while KANSAI PAINT need to also respond to issues created by those changes. Based on this recognition, KANSAI PAINT will strive ourselves to achieve sustainable growth by having medium- and long-term mindset to foresee the near future, and providing the value to develop society and people while satisfying contribution made through KANSAI PAINT conventional paint business as well as KANSAI PAINT new business area where KANSAI PAINT will start to work from now on.

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