ke-arm s.r.o. company limited

ke-arm s.r.o. company limited

The KE-ARM, s.r.o. company is a leading Czech manufacturer of industrial valves, particularly high quality ball valves and vertical check valves.

  • It has been operating in a market of industrial valves since 1991.
  • The company is a major supplier of both standard valves and valves manufactured according to customer requirements.
  • KE-ARM valves are used especially in harsh industrial environments in the fields of oil & gas industry, power engineering, heat, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Head office location:

KE-ARM, s.r.o., Pekařská 1639/79A, 747 05 Opava, Czech Republic

official Website address

Main Products

  • floating ball valves straight, three-way and four-way
    • from DN 10 to DN 250, up to pressure PN 250 according to European and international standards ČSN, EN, ISO, DIN
    • from NPS 3/8″ to NPS 10″, up to pressure Class 1500 according to American and British standards API, ANSI, BS
  • vertical lift-type check valves in the direct implementation, with a branch, and as an automatic recirculation valves.
    • from DN 50 to DN 400, up to pressure PN 400 according to European and international standards ČSN, EN, ISO, DIN

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