Keerthi Pumps

Keerthi Pumps is working on Manufacturing and supplying pumps for essential industries in India .

Company information:

Keerthi Pumps Main Products

KWP Water Pumps
  • General water supply in Agriculture & Industries
  • Fire Fighting
  • Booster Service
  • Air condition plants
  • Clarified water, Back water, White water,De inking water, Soft water, Centricleaner etc., in pulp & paper mills
KCP Chemical Pumps
  • Process, Petro Chemicals,. Fertilizers,Paper & Sugar Industries
  • Handling Corrosive acids, Alkalies
  • Hydro carbons, oils, thermic fluids
  • Clarified water, Back water, White water,
  • Drinking water, soft water, Centricleaner etc.,in Pulp & Paper mills
  • Handles all chemical process requirements
  • Acids, Alkalies, Corrosive slurries
  • Suitable for all liquids with / without solids
  • Green liquor, Black liquor, caustic slurry,
  • lime mud slurry, extraction, alkalies, acids, china clay ,
  • Hypo, Spent wash, Starch, etc.,in Pulp , Paper mills & Basic metal Industrie
KPS Slurry Pumps
  • Handling Pulp & Paper stocks upto 7% consistancy
  • All liquor applications in basic metal, pulp & paper industries
  • Suitable for high capacity requirement, acids, alkalie,corrosive slurries etc.,
  • Suitable for heavily contaminated liquor raw sewage & sludge
KMF Mixed Flow Pumps
  • Clean ,Turbid or slightly contaminated liquids
  • Medium to Low heads and High discharge in water works, sewage works,
  • Irrigation & drainage
  • Dewatering & pumping sea water
  • Spray Pond / Injection Water applications in Sugar mills,
  • Pulp transfer / centri cleaner in pulp & paper mills.

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