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kohler sdmo generator

Kohler SDMO is an industrial generator manufacturer which is a subsidiary of Kohler Company. It is based in Brest, specializing in the manufacturing of generating sets. SDMO is the leading manufacturer of generating sets in the European market (disputed, missing source) and is the 3rd largest worldwide (missing source), being present in over 180 countries through its dealers network.

Head office location:

SDMO Industries CS 40047 29801 BREST Cedex 9 FRANCE

official Website address

Industrial generating sets

Standard generating sets from the KOHLER-SDMO Power Products range provide all your electricity requirements between 7.5 and 4,200 kVA.

Designed for industrial users, they cover a wide field of applications and offer a vast range of options and retrofitting to fully meet the requirements of all configurations. They provide, as needed, back-up power or a continuous electricity supply. In highly sensitive sectors, the solutions guarantee continuity of electricity supply to counter any outage or instability affecting the mains supply. 

turnkey energy production plants

Focussing on a single industry and supported by its historical know-how in the generating set sector, SDMO Industries exploits its full range of expertise to produce bespoke energy production plants.

Rental generating sets

The Rental Power range of generating sets is made up of 6 large families of products. Its aim is to offer power solutions tailored specifically to the conditions and constraints of the rental market.

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