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Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd

Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd , Mitsuoka Motor strive to contribute to society by building and selling cars that provide people the joy of seeing their dreams realized.
“Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd would like to convey the joy of driving an original car to the people of the world” – this wish was the starting point of Mitsuoka Motor and still it is a driving force of Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd company.
Cars that Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd deliver to customers are most characterized by their keen designs that you cannot find in mass production cars. Every step in Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd production-line is done by “Hands” of Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd craftsmen who devote themselves to build each and every car.
The car manufactured in that way has a scarcity value and it is really only in the world for you.

Head office location:

508-3, Kakeomachi, Toyama city, Toyama 939-8212 JAPAN

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