najran cement company

najran cement company

The main sponsors of Najran Cement Company belong to the agile business fraternity of the Kingdom. The key management is competent, confident and result oriented. The policy framework and the business traits thereto, are based on a balanced approach towards high performance and sustainable standing.

Company information:

main products :

  • Type I – Ordinary Portland Cement (“OPC”)
    • OPC is suitable for most modern conventional types of construction, including all forms of masonry, concrete works, pre-stressed concrete and repair works.
  • Type V – Sulphate Resistant Cement (“SRC”)
    • SRC is used in projects such as dams that are exposed to high amounts of sulphates. It is also used wherever there are constructions that are in direct contact with clay soil, which contains a large amount of sulphate salt, such as foundations and pillars.

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