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NAK KABLO is a new generated manufacturer and exporter company which has been manufacturing cables since 1975. NAK KABLO’s brand is NAK KABLO. It is very famous brand with its quality certified by ISO,TUV. NAK KABLO are located in Denizli/ Turkey. NAK KABLO manufacture cable at 5000 mtr2 closed area. NAK KABLO factory is very near to Izmir Port. Delivery is also easy and very comfortable with the help of high way roads and fast transportations. NAK KABLO do export at more then 20 countries. Africa, Middleeast, Europe and Far East Asia. NAK KABLO has got a large product list to cooperate. They are single core cables, flexible cables,NYY, NYM,Flat Cables, XLPE insulated cables, Armored cables, Halogyen free cables, low smoke flame retardant insulated cables and so many options for wiring and power electrical solutions. NAK KABLO manufacture cables in a very Professional way with the help of exprienced staff. That’s why NAK KABLO prices are very competetive and delivery time is soluted according to your demand of duration. NAK KABLO Vision NAK KABLO vision is to adopdate to changing and developing technology. Conditions of cable sector is very fluently changing and modernating. The most important daily is to submit a very competetive prices to NAK KABLO clients. On the other hand the quality is NAK KABLO main issue which NAK KABLO protect NAK KABLO name always positively. Except all of the subject delivery comes initial solution for NAK KABLO clients. NAK KABLO offer NAK KABLO clients a large and a quick options. If NAK KABLO support NAK KABLO clients NAK KABLO should always support them. That’s why NAK KABLO hold NAK KABLO relations beetween NAK KABLO clients at high high level.

Head office location:

Bozburun Mah., 7045 Sk., No: 9, Merkezefendi, Denizli, Turkey

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