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Joseph Nahman emigrated from his home in Lebanon to Nigeria in 1937, at the age of seventeen. He started working as a textile merchant in Ibadan, where he later married and began his family life; all four of his children were born in Nigeria. By 1960 he moved from Ibadan to Lagos and began his journey in construction. He was a pioneer in the residential development of Victoria Island and was responsible for the construction of over 2,000 homes, all completed through contractor finance. To this day the homes he built still stand strong and are a testament to the quality he brought to the industry. He was also involved in a number of other industries, including the banking, textile, brewing, and import/export industries.
In 1991, Joseph Nahman relinquished full control of Nahman Construction to his son, Nabil Joseph Nahman, and retired to his home country of Lebanon, but not before leaving a gift which would be a testament to his legacy in Lagos State. The church of NC Lady of the Rosary was built by Nahman Construction and donated to the community by Joseph Nahman in 1995. As well as receiving relentless awards and recognition from the Lebanese and Nigerian governments, for all his generosity and compassion throughout the years Joseph Nahman was awarded the Commander’s Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester by Pope John Paul II. His legacy has been, without a doubt, the major driving force behind the current Management team of Nahman Construction and their quest to continue to make the company grow and become a leader in the construction industry in Nigeria.

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10 Akin Olugbade Street Victoria Island

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