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Nong North Yonggang Road, Ningbo,China

Apollolux electronic appliance co.,ltd.Is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters specialized in aluminium die-casting and out-door lighting developing and producing,.Nong North Yonggang Road, Ningbo,China products include floodlighting,palace lamp,halogen lighting,in-ground up-light lighting,factory lighting,garden lighting.underwater lighting,funnel lighting,street lighting,high canopy lighting,HID down-light,water proof lighting,solar lights,Stainless Steel Lamp,Control gear box,etc.,and Nong North Yonggang Road, Ningbo,China obtained the safety guarantee certificate of GS for Germany market,CE for European Union AND UL for USA market.

Nong North Yonggang Road, Ningbo,China are also capable to design and make the plastic inject,blowing and extruding mould,metal die-casting,punching,pressing,extruding,grinding,lathing,etc.Nong North Yonggang Road, Ningbo,China have the relative machines to offer all of the relative accessories for the lightings.Nong North Yonggang Road, Ningbo,China can make the mould by the samples and the drawings as well.

Nong North Yonggang Road, Ningbo,China are available for Plastic Injection parts from half ton to 3.5 tons,Metal Pressing and extrusion machines up to 80 tones,Aluminium Die casting machines.

All capable of handling any OEM project that you may give to us for any industry application.
For quotation or inquiry kindly send to us your pats technical drawings or even actual sample should they be available

Nong North Yonggang Road, Ningbo,China are directly manufacturers.The factory is located nearly 50 kms away from deep ningbo sea-port and 180kms away from shanghai sea-port which surely strengthen Nong North Yonggang Road, Ningbo,China prompt delivery for your orders.

Head office location:

Room 23D,NO.9.92 Nong North Yonggang Road, Ningbo,China.

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