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Petra Air Conditioning

Petra was founded in 1987 with a broad vision to produce a wide variety of HVAC equipment that meets a diversity of application requirements catering to the worldwide market.

The execution of a successful corporate and business strategy soon took Petra to great heights and enabled it to become competitive with long-established companies.

By 1994, Petra expanded its line of HVAC equipment utilizing some of the industries most advanced machinery, components and raw materials to achieve the highest quality and efficiency standards.

Petra’s equipment quickly gained recognition in over 20 countries worldwide. With the advent of the new millennium. Petra was designing and manufacturing a large array of quality HVAC equipment to suit all commercial and industrial applications. Petra’s strategic finesse and exceptional products enabled it to enter USA market.

Head office location:

Amman Petra Engineering Industries Co. – Maintenance Marj Al-Hamam – Dallah Circle

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