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Saudi Cable Company

Saudi Cable Company

Saudi Cable Company (SCC) provides world-class cable products, services and complete turnkey solutions for energy and telecoms networks globally.

The Group consists of 4 companies, each contributing innovative approaches and specialised solutions for Saudi Cable Company customers.

official Website address

Saudi Cable Company Head office location:

P O Box 4403, Industrial Area Phase 2, Jeddah 21491, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Main product

  • Featuring medium and low-voltage offerings, including armoured and unarmoured designs,
  • single and multicore constructions and a range of sheathing and screening options,

From chemical plants to hospitals, from underground to above land, SCC offers a wealth of industrial and instrumentation cable products, tailored to meet the specific requirements and demands of a range of industries.


SCC’s copper conductors are manufactured in-house, conform to SASO 55 and BS:6004 standards, and offer easy-strip PVC or XLPE insulation to minimise the time and cost of installation on-site.


SCC sophisticated metallic and fibre optic cable products help to improve efficiency, capacity and cost

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