soyvalve or Soyteknik Endüstriyel Malz.San.Tic.A.S. was established in 1996. Soyteknik started it’s life as a shop that selling marine equipment to shipyards and ship owners. face to face and quick traditional relationship was accepted by the other firms in a short time and then SOYTEKNIK has a good wide range market in Turkey.

Head office location :

Evliya Çelebi Mah. Rauf Orbay Cad. Mavi Sk. No.28 P.K. 34944 Tuzla/ İSTANBUL

official Website address 

soyvalve main products :

  • DIN Standart Valves
  • JIS Standart Valves
  • ANSI Standart Valves

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