TESCON Sicherheitssysteme AG

TESCON Sicherheitssysteme AG, based in Salzgitter Germany, is a specialized manufacturer for High Security Physical Perimeter Security , TESCON vast experience in manufacturing Anti-Terror equipment has made TESCON a good address for all that are seeking for a secure environment. Companies with the highest threat levels, the Oil+Gas industry, governments as well as VIPs rely on our expertise and our quality products.

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Head office location:

Windmuehlenberg Str. 20

TESCON Sicherheitssysteme AG Products

  • Perimeter & Physical Security
  • Perimeter Security
  • Perimeter Security Systems
  • Vehicle Inspection And Scanning Equipment
  • Other Physical Security Equipment
  • Barriers
  • Automated Barriers, Bollards And Roadblockers
  • Mobile Security Barriers
  • Fences
  • Physical Access /Entrance Control
  • Gate And Door Opening Systems
  • Gates, Barriers
  • Turnstiles

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