vanasan vana

vanasan vana

VANASAN Vana Fittings ve Dövme Sanayii ve Ticaret A.Ş, has been in the valve and fittings manufacturing and trading business since 1979. vanasan vana are a leading manufacturer of more than 1200 various types of industrial valves in Turkey and our brand is now recognised in Europe and the Middle East. valves are used in refineries, petrochemical facilities, power plants, iron-steel plants and tire factories. In the last 15 years 25% of cast steel valves and 80% of the forged steel valves used in Turkey were manufactured and supplied by Vanasan.

Head office location :

 Yeni Bursa Yolu Üzeri, Körfez Sanayi Sitesi Karşısı

official Website address 

main products :

  • Cast Steel Gate Valves
  • Cast Steel Ball Valves
  • Cast Steel Check Valves
  • Cast Steel Globe Valves
  • Cast Steel Plug Valves
  • Cast Steel Diaghragm
  • Forged Steel Gate Valves

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