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VCA Technology Ltd

VCA Technology Ltd

VCA Technology ltd , a globally renowned company in video analytics, announced the release of a new software tool to help retailers manage the monitoring of footfall and occupancy in their stores. The software is able to analyse shoppers’ movements in, out and around the store by simply mapping their gait – or how they walk – which is unique to everyone

Head office location :

Unit B Argent Court Hook Rise South Surbiton Surrey KT6 7NL, UK

official Website address

main products :

  • IR Cameras
  • Ultra-Low Light Cameras
  • Multisensor Cameras
  • Thermal Cameras
  • Specialist cameras

VCAServer is the platform for running VCACores advanced analytics and Deep learning algorithms


Verifier is a cloud based false alarm reduction service built on VCA Technology’s deep learning (AI) classification models.

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