Vernis Claessens SA

A Swiss company established by Albert et Francis Claessens in Anvers (B) in 1887 and part of the Cromology group since 2015, Vernis Claessens SA is universally acclaimed by professional paint users. Its century-long experience earns the confidence of its partners through bold and innovative technology.

The market position of Vernis Claessens SA was won by revolutionizing the use of the matt white paint that has become its trademark. With radically simplified application methods and tension-free stain coverage, Classidur Goldenclassic matt white paint offers paint professionals outstanding quality – a pure, extremely matt white with a flawless finish.

From west to east, the European renovation market has been captured. Vernis Claessens SA range of paints speaks for itself over a total area of more than a billion square metres!

Not content with just innovating, Vernis Claessens SA moves with the times producing new quality benchmarks from its laboratories. The water-based paint range offers professionals products that respect the environment and meet the needs and demands of a market looking to the long term.

Head office location:

CH-1020 RENENS Suisse – Schweiz – Switzerland – Zwitserland

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