YUHUAN HEAPE VALVE Co,.Ltd was established in 2002, formerly YUHUAN XIONGLONG VALVE FACTORY. YUHUAN HEAPE VALVE Co,.Ltd company is located in the beautiful and rich East China Sea coast YUHUAN ISLAND, Which is known as he Chinese capital of the valve? It has a very convenient traffic- 200 miles away from Wenzhou Airport , 400 miles away from Ningbo Airport and Ningbo Beilun Port, 600 miles away from Shanghai Airport. YUHUAN HEAPE VALVE Co,.Ltd company has a group of senior technical researcher, committed to develop the latest high-end products for The European and American market. Products are transformed successfully from the initial ball valve and pipe fittings to professional designing and producing reducing valve, regulating valve, decompression valve and safety valve etc. Especially in the pressure reducing valve, YUHUAN HEAPE VALVE Co,.Ltd are continuing to innovate and assiduous research .For entire production line from drawing, blank forming, machining, parts assembly to complete testing, YUHUAN HEAPE VALVE Co,.Ltd have CNC machine tools, other sophisticated processing equipment and highly sensitive pressure measuring tools. YUHUAN HEAPE VALVE Co,.Ltd company is with perfect quality assurance system, with the domestic first-class product testing equipments, products pass rate of 100%.

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