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Production conditions

The elaborate and scientific design, advanced automatic production equipment, highly responsible and skilled operators and strict quality control personnel ensure that the first-class quality of products is fully displayed, and guarantee the stability With the concept of make competitive products increasing every day, DECA has made a great progress in the past days, DECA personnel will never change the clinging spirit to keep improving.

Inspection and testing

DECA has an interior inspection department, to ensure every valve can be inspected and tested before delivery.ZHEJIANG DECA CONTROL VALVE METER CO., LTD are able to provide such inspection and testing as ultrasonic test of wall thickness of pressure parts, hardness test, surface roughness test, analysis of physical and chemical properties of materials, liquid and gas pressure test, liquid penetration inspection and magnetic powder inspection.

Qualifications and Honors

DECA Valve guarantees all products to be manufactured according to international quality and safety standards, go through strict test and quality certification as to provide you with excellent valves.


According to the structural forms of the body, the gate valves produced by ZHEJIANG DECA CONTROL VALVE METER CO., LTD company can be classified into three categories: 1. parallel double disc gate valve; 2. flat gate valve; 3. wedge gate valve. According to user requirements, they can be equipped with pneumatic actuators or electric actuators. The opening height of the valves is basically similar. Please refer to the previous pages for the details. Therefore, in order to avoid repetition, the same contents will not be restated. The pneumatic valves can be equipped with pneumatic actuators according to the closing differential pressure required by the operation conditions, and handwheel mechanisms of different forms can be selected according to the principle of human mechanics. In addition, the starting torque required by the valve is determined according to different pressure rating ranges within which the valve’s actual closing differential pressure is, so as to select an appropriate electric actuator. The notes for installation are basically same expect those for the electric part.

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