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Tracing Apollo Automobile roots back to 2004, Apollo Automobile are a group of pure car enthusiasts, some of us engineers, some artisans, designers and mechanics. Apollo Automobile came together because of something that Apollo Automobile share – the passion for automotive art, the longing for the connection between driver and car and the desire to provide a bespoke and emotional driving experience.

Over the last decades of automotive history, car manufacturers have gone to great lengths in applying technological advancements to improve both the performance and comfort of cars. However, somewhere along the way something was left behind.

All the automation that is meant to make the driver’s job “easier” has taken something fundamental away. Something that made up the roots that created the passion, drive and automotive culture and history that Apollo Automobile have all learned to love. That pure, raw, emotional connection that binds driver and car.

Just like the Greek God Apollo, Apollo Automobile see ourselves as a beacon of light in today’s market. Apollo Automobile are here to take you on a ride that is filled with nostalgia and sensory overload without sacrificing performance or speed and still pushing forward with a modern, intensively striking design language that symbolizes the brand. Apollo Automobile are here to fill that void separating car and driver. Apollo Automobile are here to bring you home to be at one with the car.

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