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Artega Automobil GmbH & Co. KG

The German Artega GT sports car, which was first launched back in 2007, continues to be a real head-turner – both on the road and among the cognoscenti – with its still-innovative lightweight structural design and its maker’s special attention to the conservation of resources.

Artega GmbH, to give it its full name, has meanwhile returned to the family ownership of the company’s founder, Klaus Frers, who has taken on the mission of developing the Artega brand and putting the firm’s accumulated know-how to work in creating a sustainable corporate approach for carmakers and their suppliers.

An extra feature was added in 2008 to Artega’s lightweight construction and onboard power-supply architecture: electric traction. Artega can now offer an unequalled range of products, thanks to its programme of cooperation with paragon AG (a supplier of electronics , display and control systems and body kinematics), and a paragon subsidiary called Voltabox Deutschland GmbH (which produces li-ion battery systems and onboard chargers).

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