companies Founded in 2008

the following companies Founded in 2008 :

  1. MPMC Powertech Corp
  2. AXENT International AG
  3. Bahra Advanced Cable Manufacture Company Ltd. in Saudi Arabia
  4. Shenzhen Anboson Industries Co. Ltd in China
  5. RCL International in Lebanon
  6. RESCAB Cable in Saudi Arabia
  7. Alite Co. Ltd in China
  8. Shenzhen Kehei Lighting Technology Co. Ltd in China
  9. Shenzhen ZDA Lighting Co. Ltd in China
  10. Hongkong Jier Light Co. Ltd in China
  11. Inlux Lighting Co. Ltd in China
  12. Fujian Bode Power Co. Ltd in China
  13. GAC Motor Co. Ltd in China
  14. Jidaar Construction company in Egypt
  15. CONFIRM General Contracting in Lebanon
  16. IPM Professional Services Sdn. Bhd in Malaysia
  17. Canadian Roads Transport and Civil Engineering Consultancy (CRTC) in United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  18. General Lighting Electronic Co. Ltd in China
  19. Hondel Lighting LLC in China
  20. saudi arabian baytur construction comany in Saudi Arabia
  21. YURT CEMENT in Turkey

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