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Jidaar Construction was established in 2008, by Arch. Hani Talha. Utilizing the founders 30 years of technical and managerial expertise, Jidaar managed to acquire an excellent reputation in just a few years through working on a wide spectrum of projects, including but not limited to: Administrative, Industrial, Residential, Recreational, and Public projects, making Jidaar a truly multi-disciplinary practice This solid hands-on experience enabled Jidaar to win the trust of both multinational and local corporations, who became long-term partners of success. Empowered by its highly-skilled technical office and trained labor, along with a strong supply-chain that provides quality materials that are scarce in the market, Jidaar is steadily and surely earning its rank among the best in the construction industry in Egypt.

Head office location:

25a, Obour buildings, Salah Salem St, Helioplis

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