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disano illuminazione spa

disano illuminazione spa

disano illuminazione spa established in 1957 and today is a leading company in Italy and one of the top ranking companies in Europe for the production of lighting fittings.

Head office location :

v.le Lombardia, 129 20089 Rozzano (Mi) Italy

official Website address :

main products :

  • Recessed Modulars. there is range of CFL, fluorescent and LED recessed, semi-recessed and surface modular lighting is suitable for all office and commercial uses.
  • Surface mounted modulars
  • Suspended modulars
  • Residential Floodlights
  • Road lighting

signature projects :

  • Kalinga Stadium : The Kalinga Stadium is a multi-purpose sporting centre situated in the heart of Bhubaneswar, the capital city of the Indian state of Orissa. Its construction dates back to 1978 before the then Chief Minister Biju Patnaik.
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium
  • Gravanis Studio : Several big cities in Greece, such as Thessaloniki, as well as the capital city, Athens, recently started major restoration works to redevelop the urban décor and lighting infrastructure where optimization and efficiency were the key words. Disano, in collaboration with the Gravanis design studio, created different lighting systems fitting latest generation products, such as Floor, Cilindro, Box, Musa, Monza, Pordoi, Montecarlo and Forum. Their lighting sources take the great advantages of LED lights to the maximum levels: high energy savings, great luminous efficacy throughout their long life and excellent colour rendering. These lighting fixtures are designed and tested to illuminate modern smart cities, which require respect for the environment and their artistic and architectonic heritage and safeguard of the safety of citizens and visitors, especially during the evenings and at night.

Based on the success gained by a broad range of industrial products, Disano can now confidently meet the new requests of an increasingly demanding lighting market.

Disano products represent the right solution for all the needs of architects, designers and installers, thanks to their refined design, compliance with environmental regulations, energy-saving features, and the use of cutting-edge technologies to achieve light management.

In addition, disano illuminazione spa offers all the advantages of an industrial and commercial organisation capable of supporting the client, ranging from the choice of products, to design consulting, and to technical support service

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