top manufacturing companies in Italy

the following are the list of top manufacturing companies in Italy :

  1. Riello UPS
  2. SELTA S.p.A
  3. Ablerex Electronics Italy Srl
  4. CGM gruppi elettrogeni SRL
  5. Blf Srl
  6. Italtraff srl
  7. Domo Srl
  8. SEL S.p.A.
  9. Sarel Srl
  10. OMEM S.p.A
  11. APEN GROUP S.p.A.
  12. Videx Electronics SPA
  13. Infiniteplay Srl
  14. LOVATO Electric S.p.A.
  15. L.A.E. Srl : is a leading manufacturer of automatic equipment for the electromechanical industry in the transformers field.
  16. Evel Srl : is a part of the HVAC Equipment Manufacturing Industry. 
  17. General Fittings S.p.A. is a leading company in the fittings sector for plumbing and heating.
  18. argal pumps company has an extensive range of pumps in various constructions for industrial applications requiring temperatures ranging from -40°c to +120°c with load capacities up to 1700 m3/h and head over 100 m.
  19. Idropres S.r.l produces positive displacement gear pumps for fluids of various nature and viscosity. 
  20. varisco spa is manufactures of Industrial Gear Pumps for Industrial Process Surface and Submersible Dewatering Pumps
  21. Sea-Land S.r.l. is specialized in the design, creation, industrialization and manufacturing of pumps
  22. Fluimac s.r.l. pump is an original, young and dynamic company for a new concept of Pumps product.
  23. Galassi & Ortolani srl is making special valves for various-nature fluid-management plants
  24. Cias Elettronica SRL is an Italian manufacture of perimeter protection systems ( intrusion detection system ), such as microwave barriers, now also linear, radars, infrared, triple technology barriers and MEMS fence detection systems.
  25. The Company Elfri srl since 1981 has been manufacturing electric and electronic products.
  26. SANCO S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturing Company involved in the International Market that designs and supplies a complete range of fire & gas detection and fire suppression equipment/systems, as well as associated services and fire fighting vehicles.
  27. Inim Electronics Srl designs, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of fire detection, intrusion systems and products for residential, commercial and institutional buildings. 
  28. Synaps Technology Srl  was founded in 2003, thanks to the initiative of some members with strong technical and managerial experience in the field of electronic and microelectronics design, and more specifically on ultra-low power applications and portable devices.
  29. Bertoli Cavi was founded in 1978 in Turin as agents for electrical cables, and then developed into a supplier of specialist cables.
  30. salcavi industrie
  31. italicab srl
  32. la Triveneta Cavi spa is of the major players within the European market for low- and medium-voltage cables for various sectors (industry, home use, power distribution, renewable technologies).
  33. Prysmian cable is world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry.
  34. ELAN SRL Company is leading manufacturer for over 20 years of alarm cables, fire resistant cables, CCTV cables and network cables.
  35. Ramcro SpA is a leader manufacturer in Special Cables (fire resistant cables, BMS cables and control cables and instrumentation cables for Oil & Gas.
  36. Ares illuminazione is worldwide well known lighting fixtures manufacturer from Italy
  37. Artemide S.p.A. is one of the most known illumination brands in the world.
  38. Arcluce spa is an Italian company specialized in the design and manufacture of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.
  39. beghelli spa is leader in Italy and Europe in the emergency lighting market
  40. disano illuminazione spa is a leading company in Italy and one of the top ranking companies in Europe for the production of lighting fittings.
  41. iGuzzini illuminazione S.p.A is an international community at the service of architecture and lighting culture.
  42. FLOS spa is recognised as a world leading manufacturer of innovative lighting solutions in the residential and architectural sectors, featuring high quality products and systems characterised by fine design.
  43. l&l luce&light is specialist in Designing and producing lighting systems using LED technology .
  44. Martinelli Luce spa is a leading lighting system manufacturer and designer in italy
  45. The PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING S.p.A. is an international playerwithin the lighting industry.
  46. AXEL Srl is one of the best known elevator brands in the world.
  47. Daldoss Elevetronic is a modern Italian family-run company specialist in Elevators
  48. FCA Italy S.p.A. ( Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A.) is the Italian subsidiary of the multinational automaker .
  49. Abarth & C. S.p.A.  is an Italian racing and road car maker
  50. Ferrari S.p.A.  is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer
  51. Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs
  52. Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A. is an Italian  car manufacturer and a subsidiary of Stellantis.
  53. Maserati S.p.A. is an Italian luxury cars manufacturer. 
  54. Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. is Italian  motorcycle manufacturer ( Member of the Audi Group ) , Ducati’s motorcycles are sold in over 80 countries worldwide
  55. Vespa is an Italian brand of scooter manufactured by Piaggio, have  full line of scooters
  56. Khatod Optoelectronic Srl is a real innovator of LED Lighting Systems, able to deliver immediate solutions when new requirements from the ever-evolving LED Industry are posed.
  57. GI PLAST s.r.l. is a leading company in the plastics business, stands out for the great innovation and high technology gained through more Than 30 years of experience in the extrusion of TUBES, PROFILES and SHEETS.

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